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This is a time line of important events in the history of Malcolm Wilson Multimedia.


  • August 24: Malcolm Wilson drafts a logo for Brogo, a web comic he is conceptualizing.
  • Malcolm Wilson composes the "Piga Software Theme" and he assists Hamish Wilson in creating the "Piga Software Logo".


  • January 1: Brogo is launched at its original URL of http://brogo.yoll.net.
  • Early July: a collection of prior MIDI work by Malcolm Wilson is constituted into the soundtrack for Billy Bear.


  • January 1: work begins on the beginnings of Symel.
  • Malcolm Wilson composes the "Malcolm Wilson Multimedia Theme" and the studio's original logo.
  • Summer: Piga Software and MWM begin working on a game together set in the Brogo universe, with MWM supplying artwork and music.
  • October 30: Piga Software releases Donut Quest as the first released co-production between the two.


  • The original draft of the MWM website is started by Malcolm Wilson with the help of Iain Wilson.
  • February 10: the last original Symel short " Why Vista?" is released.


  • August: after watching "The Starbuggers", the making-of documentary for Red Dwarf Series VI, Graham, Hamish and Malcolm Wilson begin conceiving their on science fiction comedy show.
  • October 31: Piga's Pumpkin Carving is released with a Björn Arild Lynn track "The Spooky Pumpkin Head" modified by MWM.


  • Graham L. Wilson creates an updated version of the website in order to release alongside Windys, but host problems prevent its release.
  • May 19: Alexei: Part IX is released, featuring music conversions by MWM.
  • August 12: Windys is released in part to commemorate fifth anniversary of Piga Software, and features a soundtrack by MWM.
  • October 26: the first Source Release of Lamp Refugee is completed, featuring pre-rendered 3D models by MWM.
  • October 31: version 1.5 of Piga's Pumpkin Carving is released, with new graphical tweaks by MWM.


  • August 15: Hamish Wilson releases the Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaires, with logos and adornments created by MWM.
  • October 31: version 2.0 of Piga's Pumpkin Carving is released, with new vector-derived cut-out graphics by MWM.
  • November 25: Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt is made available for download, with MIDI conversions and audio improvements by MWM.
  • December 25: Piga's Santa Drop Down is released with original graphics, sounds and voice recordings by MWM.


  • Jaunary 1: the first preview release of Alexei: Part XIII is sent out.
  • January 2: the first version of Piga's New Years Dodge 'Em is released with MIDI conversions and original graphics by MWM.
  • February 6: version 1.0.0 of DONKEY.GB is released with original sounds by MWM.
  • July 1: An updated version of the MWM website is finally completed after a move to icculus.org hosting.
  • November 11: Over the Top is released featuring graphical work by MWM.


  • Early July: work on the original incarnation of the MWM Wiki begins on Tropical Wikis.
  • November 12: Malcolm Wilson releases "Mitgefühl" onto his YouTube account; his first ever AMV.


  • May 31: the audio pilot episode of Space Rover, "Undocumented Features" is released.
  • July 14: Malcolm Wilson releases "Numb as a Robot" onto his YouTube account; his second AMV.
  • October: all of the MWM Wiki is destroyed in an unsuccessful attempt by Tropical Wikis to merge into Orain.
  • December 14: Malcolm Wilson releases "Ruddy Flag" onto his YouTube account; his third AMV.


  • January 23: after months of inactivity, work on a new MWM Wiki begins on Orain, with only scant backup data available.
  • April 5: Malcolm Wilson releases "Reflections of the Lilin" onto his YouTube account; his fourth AMV.
  • May 31: a year after the release of the pilot, the second episode of Space Rover titled "Ne Humanis Crede" is released.
  • September 25: Malcolm Wilson releases "Can't Stop Drooling" onto his YouTube account; his fifth and most rapidly produced AMV.
  • November 10: Malcolm Wilson releases "Misery is so Addictive" onto his YouTube account; his sixth AMV and sequel to "Reflections of the Lilin" as an artistic tribute to Evangelion.


  • March 16: Malcolm Wilson releases "You're (not) my girl" onto his YouTube account; his third AMV, and the first to use the Rebuild of Evangelion.