Numb as a Robot

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"Numb as a Robot" is the second AMV created by Malcolm Wilson in his spare time to improve his editing technique, released on July 15, 2013. The AMV presents clips from the 2001 big budget anime film Metropolis (which combines elements from both Osamu Tezuka's manga, and the seminal 1927 film by Fritz Lang) and the song "Numb as a Statue" from American singer-songwriter Warren Zevon's final 2003 album The Wind; Malcolm would later revisit Zevon with his 2015 AMV "You're (Not) My Girl".

The lyrics of the song are used to convey the robot Tima's attempts to grapple with her identity and the artificial emotions conjured within her by her affection for the human child Kenichi. A sub-plot in the middle also appears surrounding the tense relationship between Duke Red and his adoptive son Rock. Originally the AMV ended with the shot of Tima's damaged form falling from the top of the disintegrating Ziggurat, until Graham L. Wilson noted a running theme between this and his earlier "Mitgefühl" by ending with the implied death of their subject. To break this pattern, Malcolm inserted the film's post credit frame showing Kenichi running his own robot company, with a figure similar to Tima seen through the window; also done to highlight this detail which was omitted from the English DVD release.


  • Anime: Metropolis (2001 film).
  • Music: "Numb as a Statue" by Warren Zevon, from the album The Wind.
  • Editor: Malcolm Wilson.

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