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Malcolm Rex Peter Wilson (born December 24, 1992) is the head of Malcolm Wilson Multimedia and is the one most responsible for its multimedia output, starting with him launching the Brogo web comic on January 1, 2005. He has composed three MIDI video game soundtracks, for Billy Bear (2005), Donut Quest (2006) and Windys (2009), as well as "Piga Software" and "MWM Theme" tracks, and creating logos and adornments for Piga Software, the Blood Wiki, the Warren Zevon Wiki, the Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaries, and TechnoMage Computer Solutions. He is the voice of Peter Gans Lee in Space Rover (2013-), as well as the narrator. He also directs and handles the audio production side of the project, having composed the series' theme tune "The Space Rover" (2013).

He also was the sound engineer and vector artist for Piga's Santa Drop Down, as well as handling multimedia creation or, more commonly, modification and improvemnts in other works by Piga Software, such as for the Alexei Volkov (2009, 2011) series, the Holiday Games (2010-2011), the example game Childish Cannoneer (2012), and the pre-rendered 3D models for Lamp Refugee (2009-). For a high school project, he also interviewed Mike Tulley on his recollections as a deserter during the Vietnam War (2010). Malcolm is a keen photographer and videographer, as shown in his video portfolio. Alongside his work in electronic music, both on computer and synthesizer, he plays the piano, accordion and harmonica. He is the "necromancer" for TechnoMage Computer Solutions, specializing in resurrecting dead or broken systems, as well as file recovery.

For both practice and entertainment, he has also produced a number of fair use works and fan labours. Most notably, these include AMVs featuring Billy Talent, Warren Zevon, Marmalade and Tegan and Sara, such as "Mitgefühl" (2012; Evangelion with "Sympathy), "Numb as a Robot" (2013; Metropolis with "Numb as a Statue"), "Ruddy Flag" (2013; Akira with "Red Flag"), "Reflections of the Lilin" (2014, Evangelion with "Reflections of My Life"), "Can't Stop Drooling" (2014, Mysterious Girlfriend X with "Can't Stop Now"), "Misery is so Addictive", (2014, Evangelion with "Northshore"), and "You're (not) my girl" (2015, Rebuild of Evangelion with "Poisonous Lookalike"). "Reflections of the Lilin" and "Misery is So Addictive" form a two-part artistic tribute to Evangelion with contrasting editing styles, differing between slow and quick cuts.

Similar experimentations include his Doom 3 Internet Meme Mod (2012-), Blood music video "Blood - Life'll Kill Ya" (2008), mashup for the 2012 version of "Komm, süsser Tod" (2013; withdrawn due to copyright complaint), and the satirical "Homer's Miscommunication" (2011), as well as his Zevon-inspired protest piece "Accidentally Voted Harper" (2011). For Halloween 2010 he created a jack-o-lantern depiction of Caleb from Blood, with images uploaded to the Blood Wiki. He has also branched out into doing 'let's play' videos, releasing a playthrough of MiniCar Racing from May 10 to July 5, 2014.

A ranch photograph by Malcolm Wilson, as well as an artistic depiction of the Gainford derailment (based on visual recollection) were published alongside articles by Graham L. Wilson in the left-wing periodical People's Voice in the November 16-30, 2012 and 2013 issues.

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