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Welcome to the MWM Wiki![edit]

This wiki documents and details projects of the independent free content studio Malcolm Wilson Multimedia or MWM. It serves to document old information, and officially publish new information in concurrence with the MWM website. In addition it documents the fair use/dealing efforts of its staff.

There are currently 50 articles and 16 images on the wiki!


Organization: Malcolm Wilson Multimedia, MWM Wiki, Timeline, Recording Studio

People: Malcolm Wilson, Graham Wilson, Hamish Wilson, Iain Wilson, Laura Warman

Projects: Brogo, Space Rover, Symel, Ludicrous Lectures

Productions: Video Portfolio, Caleb Pumpkin, Mike Tulley Interview, Samples,

Clients: Piga Software, Blood Wiki, Technomage Computer Solutions

Contributions: Billy Bear, Donut Quest, Windys, Alexei Volkov Series, Holiday Games, Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaries, Wiki Logos

Fair Use/Dealing: "Blood - Life'll Kill Ya", "Homer's Miscommunication", "Accidentally Voted Harper", Doom 3 Internet Meme Mod, Let's Play MiniCar Racing, "Crunchy King of King Prawn", Let's Play Speedy Eggbert, "Slinkey Malinki", "Rapprochement", "Adventure Time MIDI Medley Karaoke"

AMVs: "Mitgefühl", "Numb as a Robot", "Ruddy Flag", "Reflections of the Lilin", "Can't Stop Drooling", "Misery is so Addictive", "You're (not) my girl", "Closed Space Blues", "All the World's A Stage", "Adumbration of a Luminary", "In So Few Words", "Tenderness on the Bleh", "Let Us Be Together", "Empty-Handed Hero Heart", "Cat Burglar Boogie"