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Malcolm Wilson Multimedia created the original "Trilby Tux" logo for the unoffical GNU/Linux binaries for the Chzo Mythos as well as made various images into line art vector graphics related to the Chzo games as well as Adventures in A Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment and the 1213 series, which were later also released in binary form, to better adorn the site. The Trilby Tux is free content whilst the line arts are used under the terms of non-commercial fair use and are owned by Ben "Yahztee" Croshaw based on images from Fully Ramblomatic.

"When Hamish asked me to make the Trilby Tux, I had never seen a trilby in person. I ended up making something that looked more like a fedora. Thus I contributed to the classic confusion between fedoras and trilbies. Later Hamish replaced the hat I made with one he found online."
--Malcolm Wilson (August 12, 2018)

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Fair Use Images[edit]

Trilby Art
The Welder
Captain Bromide
1213 Fan Art