Can't Stop Drooling

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"Can't Stop Drooling" is the fifth AMV created by Malcolm Wilson in his spare time to improve his editing technique, released on September 25, 2014. The video is a musical telling of the plot of the romantic comedy anime Mysterious Girlfriend X (2012), which Malcolm discovered after casually trying out the "anime of the day" from an online streaming site, in particular the core element of sharing emotions through swapping saliva. Produced in just three days, Malcolm rushed it out in order to coincide with release of the final portion of the manga version of the story. The AMV uses the song "Can't Stop Now" by the Scottish pop rock band Marmalade, taking from the same source as his immediately preceding "Reflections of the Lilin". The most notable aspect of the production was the heart wipe shown from 1:27 to 1:29, which Malcolm had to create himself and has since uploaded for others to use.


  • Anime: Mysterious Girlfriend X.
  • Music: "Can't Stop Now" by The Marmalade, from the album Reflections of the Marmalade: The Anthology.
  • Editor: Malcolm Wilson.
  • Made in Kdenlive Version 0.9.6 running on Fedora 20 (Heisenbug) 64-bit (Linux Kernel Version: 3.16.2-200.fc20.x86_64).

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