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Malcolm Wilson under the user name Cheogh (based on the game character) has contributed and edited several graphics for the Blood Wiki, a free content wiki encyclopedia about the games Blood and Blood II: The Chosen (plus a section on Shogo: Mobile Armour Division). Malcolm Wilson created an enhanced and transparent version of the old Blood Wiki logo, and later a version to redirect to the site's new host, special banners celebrating the tenth anniversary of Blood II: The Chosen and later its The Nightmare Levels expansion, cut out a Blood homage from the Brogo web comic, and edited an image of the character Caleb. He also digitized, edited, and enhanced sketches by Hamish Wilson for his Tome of Blood collection of short fan fiction stories. For Haloween 2010 he also created and took the various "Caleb Pumpkin" images. The sketches and pumpkin-related media are released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence version 1.3 but the others are based on images copyrighted by Monolith Productions and are used under the terms of fair use for non-commercial purposes (this includes the banner). However they do show the graphical abilities of Malcolm Wilson Multimedia.

Recently he has been creating banners to commemorate important 20th anniversary release milestones for the Blood series.